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Fresh Food Made Fast

Head Chef Stephen Ricci’s philosophy of using fresh, seasonal ingredients is at the heart of Bistro 7501’s Italian-inspired menu. Ricci and his talented team have assembled a variety of sure to please breakfast and lunch options, while also providing gourmet selections that are updated through his Daily Chef’s Special Menu.


Catering + Events

Catering a business meeting or celebrating an occasion in your office? We’ll customize a menu for your event. We also have a private dining/meeting space available. Call 905.597.2757 or email to learn more.

Bistro 7501 - Chef Ricci

Chef Ricci's Team

Tyler Watson

Tyler Watson

Tyler's world-famous spaghetti Bolognese has been known to leave grown men weeping.
Seoku Kang

Seoku Kang

"Asian Steve's" culinary expertise is surpassed only by his surprising mastery as a bowler.